New or Old

Whether you have just built your dream home or have an existing garden that just needs a little TLC, we have you covered. We at ABC Landscaping are able to make your garden and surrounds of your house so wonderful that being outside will be a pleasure.

Garden Design

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can help you achieve your landscaping dream by providing you with expert advice covering all types of garden design and landscaping. Already know what you want? That's no problem, we can work with landscape plans or any ideas and help bring your dream garden to life.

Water Features

At ABC Landscaping we take great pleasure in creating your desired water feature. Whether it be formal or informal, large or small, we can construct it to suit your every need. This can include anything from rivers, cascades, fountains to ponds (including lighting and planting).

Planting & Gardens

We take great pride in making your home a pleasure to approach with a wonderfully balanced garden. At ABC Landscaping all garden beds are prepared to the highest standard to encourage great growth and healthy plants. We specialise in all types of planting including native, low maintenance, deciduous, floral and many more. We can finish all gardens with a large variety of different materials including forest litter mulch, bark, pebbles and much more.

Stone / Brick work

We specialise in all types of stone work and brick work covering any type of retaining/rock walls to features around your garden. From all types of stone including bluestone and sandstone, we use only the highest quality materials available on the market. We cover all aspects of brick work including block render, bagged, water proofing and much more. We will work closely with you to ensure that we clearly understand your goals.

Machine Hire

We have truck, bobcat and a mini excavator (fits 900mm gate) as well as access to larger and other machinery such as rollers, excavators or large compactors if required. All machinery is operated by experienced professionals. Don't spend hours or days with wheelbarrows and shovels, we can get the work done with our machinery in no time. This includes things such as site levelling, landscape preparation as well as soil/dirt/rubbish removal.


From outdoor patios to walk ways, we can cover all your paving needs. Outdoor entertaining areas, poolside, front yard or backyard, we will build something that is guaranteed to last. If you would like a new path, driveway or brick edging in your courtyard, we can do anything to suit your needs. Pavers cover a wide range from brick, concrete, terracotta, granite, limestone and travertine and can be designed in any pattern to suit your style and budget.

Lawn (Turf)

From real grass to synthetic grass, our landscapers are professionals in laying all types of grass in any area. We make sure all turf areas (grass or synthetic) are prepared to the greatest standard for growing and / or entertaining. We also top dress and seed as well as spray seed.

Concrete / Bitumen

At ABC Landscaping we are able to excavate, prepare and finish all necessary aspects of concreting for a great finished result. This includes Broom cove and smooth finish, exposed aggregate and all other concrete finishes as well as all aspects and finishes of asphalt. We cover everything from driveways to pathways and entertaining areas.


We can supply and install all styles of irrigation to your garden to make sure all plantings get the required water to survive. This includes drip lines, micro sprays, pop-up sprinklers and much more, covering all of your gardens and lawns.

Garden lights

If lights and lighting features or lit paths are needed, we can install all styles of outdoor lighting, both low voltage and standard lighting. All electrical work is done by qualified electricians. 


  • Decks, Pergolas, Screens
  • Timber and Metal Fencing
  • Brick, Stone, Metal, Timber Edging